Is The Lotion Toxic? How You Can Identify And Steer Clear Of Toxic Skin Care Products

Is the moisturizer gradually killing you? Does your mascara cause cancer? I understand these questions may seem just a little outlandish, however, many mainstream commercial beauty items on store shelves today are toxic skin care items that contain chemicals which maybe dangerous for your health. Many people aren't even conscious of this, however these chemicals may cause a variety of dangerous negative effects, from hair thinning, to rashes along with other allergy symptoms, to mouth or skin sores or any other conditions, as well as in the lengthy term some might be also associated with cancer! For instance, Pthalates (frequently indexed by skin care products as dibutylphthalate, DEP, DBP, or butyl esters) are utilized in cosmetic and skin care products from mascara to nailpolish, to m

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