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Alcohol – Killing Germs At The Cost of Dry Skin

If you have ever consumed alcohol then you have most likely suffered the horrible consequences of its dehydrating effects on your body. What most people don't realize is that the dryness and itchiness caused by alcohol consumption are actually a form of bacteria build up. This build up of bacteria is what ultimately causes most skin conditions. This is the reason why it's important that you stop drinking any time you get a skin condition as it will end up with more problems than you had bargained for. Some of the major symptoms of skin problems caused by alcohol are: Red, flaky, itchy and dry skin. Of course these are just the outward symptoms and the internal changes that your body goes through when it's exposed to excess alcohol can be much more serious. One of these changes is a massiv

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Popular Treatments With Medical Tourists In Thailand

Thailand enjoys millions of visitors every year, with many of them coming to enjoy the fantastic weather, beautiful beaches, and culture of this beautiful Southeast Asian country. However, many people visit Thailand as medical tourists and are there for the high-quality and affordable medical procedures available in the country. Below are some of the popular treatments people seek when visiting Thailand that may make you consider taking a trip to the Land of Smiles. IVF Treatment When looking for treatment such as IVF, Thailand is a popular destination for many couples looking to have a baby. The quality of care in the top Thai hospitals is exceptional and, compared to many western countries, is also affordable. Some of the best clinics in Thailand also have excellent success rates, so m

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